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At Digifix Ltd we repair all kinds of televisions - including flat panel LCD and Plasma TVs. However, flat screen technology brought with it many problems not previously encountered with the old Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) televisions. 

Here are some facts you need to know (don’t expect the salesman to tell you this when you are buying a new flat panel TV!) 


First: there are no £20-£30 repairs with these sets. The reason is that few manufacturers nowadays supply individual spare parts. In most cases, a repair means replacing the entire board where the fault lies.

 Only a limited number of boards are made for spares so it's not unusual for a board to be no longer available - even though the set may less than 3 years old. A spare board can cost upwards of £80 for a branded make of TV and, in the case of TVs purchased from supermarkets, there are often no parts available at all! This is because sets are usually supplied on a bought out warranty basis - hence the lower purchase price. If the set fails under the warranty period the supermarket will give you a new set and dispose of the old one.


Compared to CRT TVs, the screens on flat TVs are quite fragile. Sometimes even a slight knock (or more commonly, being hit with a Wii remote!) can result in the need a new screen. This can cost more than you paid for the set in the first place. In this case I recommend claiming accidental damage on your household insurance. 


Nothing in life is free, there is usually some sort of hidden cost. I have seen adverts which say “Free collection and delivery”, but do you really think an engineer would drive, say, a 10 mile round trip for nothing - just to give a free estimate? People who do this usually charge more for the repair to make up for their time and fuell costs.


Another thing to be wary of are companies who offer fixed price repairs. You may have seen adverts that say "any TV repaired for just £99". Now ask yourself, how can they charge £99 for replacing a screen, say, that costs £300? Read the small print: it will often say something like: "if the set is deemed beyond economical repair we reserve the right to retain £50 for the inspection fee and return the set to you un-repaired". 

At Digifix, estimates are genuinely free. All we ask is that you bring the set into us (we don't offer a collection and delivery service). We will take a quick look and usually give a price, based on what parts are available. If you decide not to proceed with the repair (or parts are unavailable) and you take the set away yourself, there is no charge.

If, after receiving our estimate, you decide not to bother collecting your faulty TV, that's not a problem. Simply inform us of your decision and we will dispose of it - free of charge - via our sister company ESR Recycling. Items not collected within 3 months are automatically disposed of unless you have provided us with further instructions. 

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