We refurbish Sky digital boxes to a high standard, each box has its own common fault. Take the Pace 2500b for instance; the most common fault on this model is the tuner module. Symptoms can be "no satellite signal received", "picture break-up" or "stuck in stand-by". The problem is caused by a faulty component within the tuner which, due to a manufacturing defect from new, only has a limited lifespan.

At Digifix we have many years experience repairing Sky digital boxes and have identified the common faults on most of the boxes in the market today so, when we refurbish a box, any component that is known to give trouble in a particular model is replaced with a new one - even if it appears to have some service life left. In the example of the Pace 2500b, every box we sell is fitted with an upgraded tuner - even if there is nothing wrong with the old one! This may seem a bit silly but the last thing we want is a customer returning a faulty item a few weeks later.

This is the way I have worked for the last 20 years (and probably one of the reasons I am soAmstrad digibox highly regarded in the trade), however even working to this high standard electronic items can still fail unexpectedly - no matter how well you cover every eventuality.

So what can I offer in the way of refurbished sky digiboxes ?

Let me start by saying that I don’t have Sky HD boxes for sale as these are heavily subsidised by Sky, and I only occasionally have Sky Plus boxes. As a general guide, a black Sky box will be around £30 and a silver box around £40 - depending on condition. I occasionally have cheaper boxes - older models or cosmetic 'imperfects'. Some models such as Pace 2600 and Javelin 12 volt miniboxes are in demand and limited availability means prices tend to be higher. If you are in the market for a used digibox please me and tell me what you want. I will see if I have it and quote the current price. Or, if you just want a 'cheap and cheerful' box, tell me how much you want to pay!

Michael Dranfield

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